Fixing Aw, Snap! Chrome, Windows and Symantec Error

This issue has been around for almost 3 years now, I still don't understand why Google, Microsoft and Symantec are unable to resolve this issue and have this problem fixed.

We use Symantec in our company and suddenly Staffs started complaining to IT Departments regarding their Google Chrome crashing with Fixing Aw, Snap, At first, when it occurred to me, I couldn't figure out why, I thought it's something I did on my System affecting the Chrome as well.

I had to uninstall Google Chrome multiple times figuring out what the issue was, I thought it was due to the Windows Update at that time until I saw a Reddit thread on the issue with people using Symantec in their Company. The issue has been around for a long time within Gooogle, Microsoft, and Symantec about fixing it related to Microsoft Code Integrity Featured in Chrome browser.

To my surprise, it's 2021, and this issue hasn't been resolved yet, But in case you come around with this error, This is a way to solve it.

How To Fix Aw Snap! Crash In Google Chrome: Method 1

  • Open Notepad and paste the following and save it as .bat
cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application 
start .\chrome.exe --disable-features=RendererCodeIntegrity 
  • Save it on Desktop and you can run it.
  • Incase it still gives an error, Look at your running program and exit or kill Chrome and re-run.

How To Fix Aw Snap! Crash In Google Chrome: Method 2

  • Another way to fix this issue is by adding the following code to the Chrome Shortcut on your System.
  • Right Click on the Chrome Icon and Select Properties
  • Target: append the following, Take a look at the screenshot.

  • And it will look like this and then apply.

I think for now.



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