How To Enable Apple Magic Mouse 2 Scroll On Windows 10

I just tested a new Apple Magic Mouse 2 Mouse on my Windows 10 system and it worked perfectly but I was unable to scroll with the mouse, I then came across Brigadier by timsutton that helps us with the issue.

Downloading And Setting Up Apple Magic Scroll With Brigadier

  • Go to this link and download brigadier, You can download the .exe or .zip file
  • Also download 7zip to extract the files before continuing.
  • Now create a folder and copy the file there, After you're done copying the file.
  • Press Shift Key Button And Right Click, You will see Open Powershell Window here.
  • Now type or copy this and paste in your powershell.
.\brigadier.exe -m MacBookPro14,1
  • It will look like this in the picture

  • Allow it to finish downloading and extracting.
  • In the same folder, you copy the .exe file to you will see Bootcamp folder and install it by navigating through.
Bootcamp > Bootcamp > Drivers > Apple > AppleWirelessMouse64.exe
  • Your Magic Mouse will be disconnected like 10 to 15secs and connects back automatically.
  • The scrolling should be working perfectly on your system now.

Fixing Error While Downloading With Brigadier

  • Click on this URL to download it.
  • Ensure 7Zip is already installed on your system.
  • After downloading this file copy it to a new folder, Right Click on the file and select 7zip > Extract Here.
  • After extracting, You will see a folder called Bootcamp and a file inside called Payload.
  • Right Click > Select 7zip > Extract Here. After doing that.
  • You will see a file called WindowsSupport.dmg, Right Click and Select 7zip > Extract here
  • Then you will see Bootcamp, open it and go to Drivers and install AppleWirelessMouse64.exe
  • Give it like 10-15secs while your mouse is disconnected from your system.
  • It would automatically reconnect back and the scroll should be working fine.

Adjusting The Scroll Speed

I notice when I scroll it's really too fast, So I have to adjust the speed of the mouse by going to Settings and changing Lines to scroll each time to 1.

Posted by Shehu Awwal

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